Few Words for the Artist

Konstantinos Baklatzis - Fine Artist

Baklatzis Konstantinos

Since his youngest age, being eager from his nature, he was watching his grandfather carving the stone, giving it the shape he wanted. This fact made him dream to follow the same steps and do the same. His father and his grandfather always encouraged him to go on each time he was trying to create something. 
Kostas was born in Serres, Greece in 1947. He was a good pupil at school,but he was especially good when the course had to do with art. By growing up he started working with sculpture. His statues left the critics breathless from admiration. Up to 1990 he had made 14 public exhibitions and he was honored with 5 gold medals. His work can be seen in public areas as well as in private collections in Greece and in other countries. His collection includes paintings and sculptures. In 1965 he started his own gallery and he still continues the tradition of his father and grandfather in sculpturing. His anxious mind pushed him in the jewelery in 1990. The plasticity and the softness of the noble metal, gave him the strength to design and construct a big variety of jewels. The people were breathless for one more time. All these jewels were presented through the TV station of Time TV in Thessaloniki. This activity took place for 16 years. He is also one of the foundation members of the Painters Association of Northern Greece. In one of the exhibitions with subject of the religion, he admired the work of other painters and he decided to start painting saints with oil, knowing that this is a very hard way of painting. However, he soon managed to achieve the required result and the other painters were all surprised. He has created many 'saint' paintings with byzantine style and he is now working on classical 'saint' painting. The smoothness of the colors and the strict line, give the impression that byzantine and classical 'saint' painting is very well combined. 

Konstantinos Baklatzis joined Fine Art America on January 28th, 2011.