Panagia Hope of the Desperate

Dimension: 30x40cm.
Hagiography in oil and gold leaf on wood

THE GRACE OF THE VIRGIN: It is characteristic that the Virgin Mary is called "Hope of the hopeless" and not of the "hopeful".

Those who hope in themselves condemn themselves to despair. But those who despair of themselves, but love God and trust in Him with their lives, can find undeniable hope, the hope that rests on the Virgin Mary and Christ.

But the memory of God's love and mercy does not let him be disappointed. He despairs of his ego, but tries to redeem himself, before being crushed by it himself.

Thus reflecting on the judgment of God, he destroys the passions and passionate calculations while maintaining his courage and hoping for the Divine charity. Despair for the Christian becomes love for Christ.


Panagia Hope of the Desperate

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Baklatzis Konstantinos


On wood with oil

Gold leaf