The Annunciation of the Virgin

Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm.

The Mother of God is depicted sitting on her throne emphasizing her supremacy over the Archangel. Also, the consent of the Virgin Mary in the words of the Archangel is emphasized, since she has her head bowed. In her right hand, she holds a spindle with a thread that according to tradition (Gospel of James) she held when the angel appeared and that fell from her agitation.

The inner tunic of the Virgin Mary is green, a symbol of her earthly and choic nature, while her robe is dark purple, symbolizing the royal and the celestial. In the background, behind the buildings, a tree emerges. By this the hagiographer wants to say that the Virgin - according to the prophecy of Isaiah - is "the rod that sprouted from the root of Jesse" (Isa. 11: 1-9).

The Annunciation of the Virgin

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Baklatzis Konstantinos


On wood with oil

Gold leaf