New Virgin Mary of Jerusalem

Dimension: 30x40cm.
Hagiography in oil and gold leaf on wood

The miraculous icon of the Virgin of Jerusalem was painted in 1870 AD. in a wonderful way. At that time there was in the Russian Holy Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene, located at the foot of the Mount of Olives, opposite Jerusalem, a hagiographer nun named Tatiani. One night, while she was sleeping, she saw in a vision that an unknown nun visited her in her cell, saying to her the following: "Sister Tatiani, I have come for you to paint me." Tatiani replied: "Bless, sister, but I am a hagiographer and not a painter." Then the woman replied: "Then paint me."
Tatiani was surprised by the courage of the stranger and said: "I have no wood, where can I paint you?". Immediately, the visiting nun gave her a painting board and ordered her to paint. But while Tatiani was painting the unknown nun, he suddenly saw her robes turn golden, her face shining brightly and heard her say: "O blessed Tatiani, after the Apostle and Evangelist Luke, you will paint me again."
Tatiani realized that she was painting the Virgin Mary! He stirred and woke up. Immediately, he rushed to the Abbess and told her the vision he saw. The Abbess showed disbelief in her words and told her to sleep and the next day to paint an image of the Virgin Mary. But as she was returning, she saw that her cell was bathed in light and emanating fragrance! Then he notified the Abbess and together they entered the bright and fragrant cell, where they saw the most amazing Miracle. The vision image was within the cell real, Unmade!
After all this, the Virgin again appears to the nun and says: "Take me down to my house, in Gethsemane." Our Lady's words immediately became a reality!
Since then, the Handmade Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary "The Virgin of Jerusalem", is located in the Holy Pilgrimage of the Theotokos Memorial of Gethsemane. This spot constitutes the empty tomb of our Virgin Mary, known as the Cenotaph, since Her body was taken to Heaven on the third day after Her Ascension and works miracles. According to tradition, in fact, all three times that the Holy Temple in Gethsemane was flooded, the icon rose by itself from the marble throne it is on and stood in the ventilation system, without being supported anywhere! Her miracles are innumerable, wherever she went. The miraculous icon has traveled to several parts of Greece for veneration, while a faithful copy of it can be found in the town of Jenisea in Xanthi.

Virgin Mary of Jerusalem

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Baklatzis Konstantinos


On wood with oil

Gold leaf